880A Marine Deck Officer


Commands Army vessels (Class A1 and A2) operating on lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, coastal, and open ocean waters. Responsible for proper maintenance and operation of vessels and vessel systems, to include (but not limited to): weather and oceanographic analysis and planning, navigation, route planning, communications, safety, pollution prevent and abatement, risk assessment, amphibious operations, Joint Maritime operations, crew leadership, training, vessel readiness, force protection & weapon systems, medical preparedness & vessel sanitation, helicopter & airborne operations, seaworthiness, firefighting, and ships business. Navigates vessels using all available means, to include nautical charts, ECDIS, area plotting sheets, compass, sextant, terrestrial bearings, depth soundings, radar ranges and bearings, and electronic navigational aids.

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This page last updated: September 30, 2019