88H Cargo Specialist

The Cargo Specialist leads, directs, or performs duties to move cargo to, from, and between all modes of transport. The cargo specialist must be proficient in all methods of cargo handling and storage procedures (manual or mechanical). The 88H leads, instructs, and provides technical guidance to subordinates to ensure the safe operation of winches, hoists, and other cargo handling equipment. The 88H also plans, organizes, and executes the different types of terminal operations and services. The SFC supervises and manages the work force; provides staff supervision, policy, and guidance for personnel and cargo movement by air, rail, motor, and water transport; prepares and/or evaluates automated air and ship stowage plans; coordinates onward movement, and special cargo handling equipment at the next destination; coordinates administrative matters, communications activities, and training programs; and prepares tactical plans and training materials.


ATRRS (enter 88H in MOS field when page form loads)


This page last updated: August 24, 2021

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