88K Watercraft Operator

The watercraft operator leads, operates, and performs seamanship duties on Army watercraft. The Watercraft Operator must be competent in the use of electronic navigation equipment (e.g., sonar and radar), navigational aids, radios, and single-letter international code flags; proficient at docking/undocking vessels and loading/unloading vessels. Watercraft Operators receive extensive training in damage control, firefighting, lifesaving, and rescue procedures. MOS 88K NCOs are trained for independent watercraft operations. The SFC applies Inland and International navigation rules while operating vessels; conducts crew drills and supervises training on the vessel; disseminates information on weather; maintains the vessel station bill and crew list; operates communications, electronics, and navigational systems; processes operations and intelligence information; receives, stores, distributes, and turns in vessel supplies, equipment, and food; responsible for the vessel mess functions to include all money exchanges, headcount records, daily cook worksheets, and food utilization reports; coordinates the operation of collective lighter control points. Serves as the watercraft subject matter expert at echelon above brigade staff positions, such as Theater or Expeditionary Sustainment Command G-4 and Transportation Theater Opening Element Sea Sections; provides staff supervision, policy, and guidance for personnel and cargo movement by water transportation.


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