88L Watercraft Engineer

The Watercraft Engineer leads, performs, and trains subordinate personnel to operate and maintain the vessel’s engines and power plant. In addition to the engines, duties include electrical and cooling systems; lubrication fuel systems; refrigeration; steering mechanisms; pneumatic and hydraulic systems; the hull; piping and general vessel maintenance. The SFC instructs and supervises marine engine department personnel in all systems maintenance; oversees posting of vessel log books, forms and records; assigns personnel to duty positions; schedules equipment for calibration; establishes maintenance priorities; prepares and reviews shipyard specifications; prepares marine vessel historical reports and records, preventive maintenance schedules and records, materiel readiness reports, equipment improvement recommendations and unsatisfactory/faulty equipment reports; and records required and completed modifications. Serves as the maintenance expert for all Army watercraft matters at echelons above brigade staff positions, such as Theater or Expeditionary Sustainment Command G-4 and Transportation Theater Opening Element Sea Sections; provides staff supervision, policy, correct doctrinal linkage to theater level sustainment systems, and echelons above brigade guidance for watercraft maintenance support.


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