Deployer's Toolbox

This toolbox is a dynamic online repository of deployment and redeployment information and products designed to provide Army units with a centralized location of current, authoritative deployment information. It is designed to help you, the "DEPLOYER", prepare your unit for a successful mission in support of Unified Land Operations. The TRADOC proponent and repository custodian is the Deployment Process Modernization Office (DPMO), CASCOM, Ft. Lee, VA.

Army Deployment and Redeployment Operations

The Deployer's Toolbox repository contains manuals, references, doctrine, forms, presentations, and other documentation specifically geared towards assisting deployment and redeployment missions.

Topics include:

  • Air, Sea, Rail, Container, and Convoy Movements
  • Command Deployment Discipline Program (CDDP)
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Handling and Documentation
  • Deployment Trend Analysis

Information for the Deployer

The Deployer's Toolbox has been designed with the deployer in mind:

  • Unit Movement Officers
  • Mobility Officers
  • Transportation Officers (DTO, CTO)
  • Commanders at all Levels
  • Installation Support (ITO, UMC)
  • Deploying Soldiers and Leaders
  • Supporting Agencies

We have specifically tailored each section to include the top documentation needed by each party.

Army Deployment and Redeployment Questions

The Deployment Process Modernization Office (DPMO) wants your deployment questions.

We have setup an email address for the sole purpose of receiving and answering your deployment questions promptly.

Contact Us

The Deployer's Toolbox contains a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page that answers the most asked questions concerning deployment and redeployment operations.

Head to our Deployment/Redeployment milBook page to find out more.

This page last updated: February 11, 2020

Deployer's Toolbox

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