Cargo Handling Branch

cargo handling

The Cargo Handling Branch provides training and certification for four critical MOS’s.  88H receive Advanced Individual Training as Cargo Handling Specialists, and return later in their career for more complex and technical training to meet the requirements of the 88H30 course as Non-Commissioned Officers.   Our graduates learn to safely operate a variety of equipment to include the following: Kalmar RT240 Rough Terrain Cargo Handler, the All Terrain Lifter Army System, the 40-ton Mobile Crane, and the ship/shore mounted Hagglund Crane.  Additionally, CHD is responsible for the training and certifying of personnel requiring the use of the Army’s Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES).  Click on the link below for additional information.

88H Cargo Handling Specialist

CHB also provides all training and certification related to Army Rail Operations.  MOS’s include 88P10, 88T10, and 88U10.  These courses cover the three major areas of rail operations: Railway Equipment Repairer, Railway Section Repairer, and Railway Operations Crewmember.  CHB additionally executes the DOD Locomotive Engineer Certification Program as the Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers for AA, DA civilians, and contractors who have a rail operating mission in support of the military and selected Federal agency locations.

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