Maritime & Intermodal Training Department (M&ITD)

Unique throughout the entire spectrum of Army training entities, the Maritime and Intermodal Training Department (M&ITD) is the one stop training site for all things Watercraft, Cargo Handling, and Rail Operations.  Consisting of two divisions, M&ITD provides Initial Military (IMT) and Sustainment training to transportation Soldiers from both the Active Duty and Reserve Components, as well as civilians and members of other services utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art simulators, trainers, and Subject Matter Experts. With every graduate we build the future of intermodal transportation.

Nothing Happens til Something Moves!

The Maritime Training Division (MTD)

The Maritime Training Division trains Army and Joint Service personnel in up to six different skill levels covering more than 100 skill sets, producing the finest full-spectrum mariners to be found anywhere in the world today.  MTD is very proud to be the ONLY organization in the country where graduates can be granted a United States Coast Guard marine credential with no additional testing by simply graduating one of our courses and having the requisite sea service time.  more

The Cargo Handling Division (CHD)

The Cargo Handling Division provides the highest quality technical and certification training to Active Duty, Reserve Component, Department of the Army Civilians, and Federal Contractors.  Training covers a variety of skill sets from basic cargo handling utilizing heavy lift machinery, to the planning and execution of an array of logistics evolutions.  more

Training Management Office (TMO)

The Training Management Office provides administrative, logistical, and resource management support to the Maritime and Intermodal Training Department as well as subordinate training divisions.  The TMO also acts as the gateway for course and student data from Fort Eustis to Fort Lee and the rest of the Army.

Soldier for Life (SFL)
Maritime Credentialing

The United States Army Transportation School is the single source for Active, Reserve, National Guard, and Veteran Army Mariners seeking a path to an Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).  more

This page last updated: August 25, 2021