Maritime Training Division

The Maritime Training Division Consists of two branches: the Maritime Operations Branch (MOB), and the Maritime Engineering Branch.  Combined, the two branches provide maritime (vessel) operations, engineering, and simulations training for Enlisted personnel, Warrant Officers, civilians, and personnel from other services and governmental organizations. In most areas, our training exceeds the standards set by the National Maritime Center, and we are recognized by them as the only organization in the country producing mariners who need no additional testing to receive their Coast Guard credentials.

Maritime Operations Branch

The Maritime Operations Branch provides maritime operations training to Army Warrant Officers in MOS 880A, functional watercraft operations training in MOS 88K20, technical training for basic and advanced NCOs in MOS 88K30 and 88K40, and Advanced Individual Training for enlisted in MOS 88K10 and civilian watercraft personnel.  In addition, the Maritime Training Branch is capable of tailoring Sustainment training to meet a variety of needs for transportation units. Click on the links below for more information.

88K Watercraft Operator

880A Marine Deck Officer

Maritime Engineering Branch

The Maritime Engineering Branch provides maritime (vessel) engineering related training to Army watercraft Warrant Officers in MOS 881A, technical training for NCOs in MOS 88L30 and 88L40, AIT for enlisted in MOS 88L10, and civilian/Joint Service maritime personnel.  Training includes a variety of skill sets of increasing complexity from familiarization of vessels terms and systems to diagnosis and repair of components and major systems found aboard all Army Watercraft.  Click on the links below for more information.

88L Watercraft Engineer

881A Marine Engineering Officer

Additional functions of the MTD include:

  • Provide advanced technical training and common leader development subjects designed to prepare Warrant Officers for assignments at higher levels.
  • Train United States Navy and Civilian personnel on Joint High Speed Vessel operations.
  • Provide maritime related functional training to Active and Reserve Enlisted, Warrant Officer and Civilian Mariners.
  • Provide maritime specific Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeepers (STCW) functional training in support of Army marine licensing and certification.
  • Coast Guard credentialing

This page last updated: February 19, 2021