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- Rail Pavilion -

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The Rail Pavilion features locomotives, caboose, freight cars, steam crane, and plow. The Berlin Duty Train of the Cold War and the RS-1 Diesel engine of WWII are now on display as well. The Rail Yard also houses the Vietnam era SK-5 hovercraft, the only combat hovercraft to survive the Vietnam War and some of the largest line haul trucks in the Army.

The Rail Yard

The Berlin Duty Train which ran from West Berlin 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain to Frankfurt am Main and to Bremerhaven, operated at night and required perfectly typed orders. There were no tickets for this train. The SK-5 hovercraft requires 20 hours of maintenance for each hour of operation. It carried .50 cal machine guns, side-mounted M60 remote controlled machine guns and grenade launchers. It was lightly armored and called Quai Vat (Monster) by the VC due to the noise it made. The Army had three of the ACVs and this one is the last. It could cruise at about 60 MPH which made up for the noise it made. The RS-1 was built by Alco-GE from 1943 - 1953 and by American Locomotive Company from 1963 - 1960 and was a diesel-electric engine. The 4 axle version was used by the US Army while the 6 axle version was used on the Trans Iranian Railroad to supply the Soviet Army in World War II.

The Rail Yard also has a couple of line haul trucks showing how to move a tank or other large vehicle(s) faster than the tracked vehicle could move itself (piggybacking) .

This page last updated on March 23, 2021