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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trace the history of my military vehicle?

The museum has no records for any specific vehicle, other than those on exhibit.

The Army did not “track” vehicles by stock number, serial number, or hood number. Vehicles were given registration numbers, usually stenciled on the hood, sides and possibly the dash area. These registration numbers were assigned by the unit when the vehicle was issued and were used only for maintenance purposes.

As mission dictated, vehicles were often transferred from one unit to another; sometimes even from one branch of service to another. We recommend contacting the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA), a good source for restoration of military vehicles.

Does the Museum have logbooks for Army vessels?

Contrary to popular belief, our archives do not contain logbooks for all Army vessels.

Our collection does include the “vessel data” page and crew lists for SOME small craft. The majority of this collection is dated from 1970 on, and includes Small Tugs (ST), Large Tugs (LT), Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM), Landing Craft Utility (LCU), Logistic Support Vessels (LSV), and a few other small vessels.

Most of these are for vessels that operated here at Fort Eustis out of 3rd Port.

I was stationed at Fort Eustis. How do I get information from my personnel file?

No inactive military records are kept at Fort Eustis.

You must contact the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

This includes survivors of deceased military personnel.

How do I find information about the unit I was assigned to while served with the Transportation Corps?

For unit history information you can find that information on the Transportation History website at:

For more unit history information or add / correct, contact our Command Historian, at 804 734-7449.

I would like to get in touch with some old buddies I served with. Do you have any rosters that would help me?

The Internet has become a valuable tool for finding old Army buddies. Just a few of these are listed below. We are not endorsing any of them, just suggestions to help you search.

How do I go about getting information concerning the James River Reserve Fleet (Dead Fleet)?

Although the Reserve Fleet is situated in the James River just off of Fort Eustis, it comes under the direction of the Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation. To our knowledge, they do not have an individual website.

You can find information on the Fleet at The Department of Transportation Website:
or by calling The James River Reserve Fleet directly at: (757) 887-3233.



This page last updated on March 23, 2021