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- Cold War -

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Be amazed at the United States' Army Experimental Vehicles you thought only existed in Sci-Fi films.

Experimental Vehicles

The HZ-1 Aerocycle carried one Soldier and could reach speeds of over 70 MPH. The HZ-1 was tested at Fort Eustis in 1956. Of the 12 that the Army ordered, the only one remaining is the one on display at the Transportation Museum. Buck Rogers in the comic strips used a jet back pack as the travel mode of the future in the 1920s. But the first one was demonstrated at Redstone Arsenal in 1952. The first public demonstration of the jet back pack was at Ft Eustis in 1961. The weight (125 pounds) and limited fuel storage led to limited uses as the Army turned its attention to missile development.

The Cybernetic Walking Machine took 2 hours to learn how to operate. But then it could carry 500 pounds of cargo, push 1000 pounds, or pull a Jeep out of the mud. It is 11 feet tall and can move at 5 MPH. It also uses 50 gallons of oil per minute and remained an experimental vehicle. The Army transferred the moving of heavy loads on uneven terrain to helicopters. The M29-Weasel was a tracked amphibious vehicle. It could be used as a light cargo vehicle, medical evacuation, command and communication vehicle. It was used primarily in polar operations.

This page last updated on March 23, 2021