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- Grenada & Panama -

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Take a moment to study these two modern conflicts that helped shape today's Army. Read about the first Transportation unit that took part in a combat parachute jump.

Operation Urgent Fury - Grenada

The US and her Caribbean allies invaded Grenada in October 1983 to restore a democratic government, protect US citizens and neutralize the Grenadian military. The Grenadians had built an airport capable of landing large military aircraft and had been supplied weapons and ammunition from Cuba, the Soviet Union and North Korea. The Soviets also funded a new port on the eastern side of the island. The strategic threat to the stability in the region as well as the threat to US personnel attending the medical college there prompted military action.

The combined forces military operation began on 25 October and concluded by 15 December. The last military action was on 1 November. There was sufficient captured arms to outfit 6 battalions. All of the captured weapons and munitions were sent to the United States by Task Force 24.

Operation Just Cause - Panama

On 20 December 1989, the United States began military operations in the Republic of Panama with the intentions of protecting US citizens, support democracy in Panama, ensure the safe operation of the Panama Canal, and arrest Manuel Noriega and bring him to trial. The 403rd Cargo Transfer Company from Fort Bragg has the distinction of being the first transportation company to conduct a combat jump.

Dictator Noriega surrendered to the US on 3 January 1990 after taking refuge in the Vatican diplomatic mission in Panama City. While in the diplomatic mission, the US played rock and roll music over loudspeakers 24/7 to prevent electronic eavesdropping on negotiations and because Noriega loathed the music.

Fighting ended on 24 December 1989 with troop withdrawal beginning on 27 December. The official date for the cessation of hostilities was 31 January 1990.

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