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- World War I -

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This was a time of innovation with the creation of the Army Transport Service (ATS) and the Motor Transport Corps (MTC), the era of the horse drawn wagon being replaced by trucks such as the Liberty Standard B, the first government spec vehicle.

Shifting to Motor Transportation

The U.S. Army moved over two-million men plus hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies, through the use of both American and European made equipment. The Army expanded both port facilities and port operations, built roads and railroads, built and repaired thousands of trucks, automobiles and rolling stock and moved men and supplies in unprecedented numbers; all of this was done in 18 months. During this time, the Army established the Motor Transport Service, Motor Transport Corps and finally the Transportation Corps on November 12, 1918, the day after Armistice. However, transportation would once again revert to Quartermaster Corps control during the 1920 reorganization of the Army until 1942.

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