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About the Museum

The U.S. Army Transportation Museum artifact collection numbers just over 7,000 artifacts including over 135 military vehicles on display. The vehicle on display includes planes, helicopters, tugboats, landing craft, trucks, jeeps, hovercraft and trains, include numerous one of a kind experimental vehicles.

Some of the unique items in the collection include the GEN Herman Haupt’s dress coat, worn when he organized and ran the Union Army rail system here in Virginia, to equipment of the famed World War II Red Ball express that kept the march across Europe going, the Korean War helicopters made iconic in the MASH TV show, the only surviving gun truck from the Vietnam War and Berlin Duty train that carried thousands to US troops to their assign in then divided Berlin, Germany during the Cold War. There are hundreds of unique and fascinating stories of Soldiers and how they transported themselves and the entire U.S. Army to all corners of the globe over the last two centuries.


As part of the wider Army Museum Enterprise, the mission of the U.S. Army Transportation Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit and educate about the history of transportation in the U.S. Army, beginning with the Continental Army in 1775 and continuing through the all eras of conflict and peace to the present date.

We also promote transportation heritage to military and civilian visitors and serve to build pride and espirit de corps within the Transportation Corps.

Museum History

The Transportation Museum was originally located in an abandoned storage building here on Ft Eustis and opened to the public in 1959 with displays left over from a Transportation recruiting event. From those humble beginning, much has happened in most part due to our Transportation Corps veterans and partners.

Within ten years, a foundation was organized to raise private funds, which enabled the museum to move to its present six-acre site in 1976. The Foundation continues to contribute in ways small and large – funding the provision of a large aircraft pavilion in 1984, which displays nearly twenty historic aircraft and supporting the museum with donations annually.

Our last major update happened in 2004 where the 1974 complex was significantly expanded. Today, the museum’s six-acres include over 30,000 square feet of interior exhibits, outdoor covered pavilions for Rail, Truck and Aviation vehicles and an outdoor Marine yard.

In 2020, all Army museums and the wider U.S. Army Center of Military History came under the control of Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) also located on Ft Eustis, VA. The Army Transportation Museum is the closest of the over 90 of the Army museums located across the United States.

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Army Transportation is a proud, growing and important part of overall American history. The Army Transportation Museum looks to the future and continuing to share how the Army has moved through history.