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July 2020

Artifact of the Month


The M151A2 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) was the result of the need for improvements to the M151A1 jeep. Extensive worldwide use of the M151A1saw high vehicle accident rates. Rollover accidents were among the most common and investigation led to the replacement of the independent rear suspension. The M151A2 had a new semi-trailing arm suspension system installed that improved safety in tight turns. Other upgrades included improved turn signals, large combination turn signal/blackout lights, fuel pump, brake system, windshield wipers, and changes to the steering. Even with these improvements, roll cages would later be retrofitted to all remaining M151A2s in 1987.

In 1969, Ford began production of the new M151A2. AM General would win the next contract in 1971 and would produce the M151A2 for the U.S. military until 1985 and foreign orders until 1988. The M151A2 would start to be replaced by the HMMWV in 1985. In testament to the MUTT, even after the U.S. military began fielding the HMMWV, it would take 15 years for all M151 variants to be retired. In excess of 100,000 M151s were produced and used by every branch of the U.S. military and numerous allied countries.