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January 2021

Artifact of the Month

M52A2, 5-ton Truck, Tractor, 6x6

In May of 1949 a new Army policy stated that 4 to 6 ton World War II era trucks were to be replaced by new 5-ton 6x6 vehicles. The new 5 ton trucks were developed as a family of vehicles, the M39 series, with the tractor version being the M52, It was capable of driving on all types of roads, highways, and terrain, pulling both the old and new generations of light and medium weight semitrailers. The most common were the new 12 ton M127 Stake and Platform trailers, the M128/129 12 ton vans, and the new M131 fuel tanker.

The M52A2 version of the tractor was equipped with a multi-fuel engine that allowed it to use a variety of fuels in any mixture. The A2 version saw extensive service in Vietnam and proved itself a rugged and durable vehicle. This M52A2 was last used in Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm by the 68th Transportation Battalion.