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February 2021

Artifact of the Month

M41 Truck, Cargo, 5 Ton

By the late 1940s, the Army was looking to replace their fleet of outdated trucks. To reduce costs and to cut down on the sheer variety of vehicles that had been purchased during WW II, the Army decided to combine weight classes and look at the vehicle “family” concept.

To replace their 4 and 6 ton truck, the Army selected a news family of 5 tons. It was the Army’s practice to have each 2 ½ and 5 ton design built for either highway use or for rough terrain. The M41 fell into the latter category. To meet the needs of the Korean War, the M41 was put into production before testing was completed and the design officially certified. In the end, the M41 did not last as long in service as some of its predecessors. When upgrades were planned for the 5 ton trucks, the M41 was not included. It was phased out of service in the 1960s.