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May 2021

Artifact of the Month

DCO-205-H International

In 1965, the US Army purchased 1200 DCO-205-H International tractors for used on the highways of Europe. It had been found that the M52 5-ton tractor was not suited for high speed long haul missions on European highways. The Internationals also were cheaper to operate and easier to drive, reducing driver fatigue. The DCO 205-H proved to be a stalwart tractor that usually traveled 25,000 miles a year.

The purchase of the DCO 205-H signaled the domination of International Harvester Co. in the European US Army commercial truck fleet. The reign would last until the late 1970’s when the AM General M915 tractor entered service.

This vehicle was built in February of 1965 and used by the 76th Transportation Company, 106th Transportation Battalion, 37th Transportation Group, until 1973 when it was shipped back to the States as a donation. In its eight years of service the truck amassed more than 120,000 miles of use.