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July 2023

Artifact of the Month

UH-1B Iroquois - Arctic Colors"

The Bell Helicopter UH-1 is widely considered one of the most iconic aircraft in military history. Powered by a single turboshaft engine with a two-bladed main rotor and tail rotor, the helicopter was developed in 1952 to meet the Army’s requirements for a medical evacuation and utility helicopter. It was not put into production until March 1960.

This UH-1B helicopter, tail number 61-788, was one of three U.S. Army helicopters to make the first rotary wing flight to the geographic South Pole. This was part of Operation Deep Freeze. The aircraft were assigned to U.S. Army Aviation Detachment Antarctic Support at Fort Eustis, which at that time was called Task Detachment #3. After returning from its historic flight, this aircraft, along with 61-789 and 61-803, was taken to the New York World’s Fair. This is the only remaining aircraft of the three that first flew to the South Pole.