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June 2023

Artifact of the Month

M129A1C, Semitrailer, 12-ton, 4 wheel

The M129A1C was a semitrailer van designed to be used as a mobile warehouse. It is a modification of the M128 series semitrailers used to haul cargo, but with windows, light fixtures, and insulation added. The general use of the semitrailer van by the Army allowed for shipment of palletized cargo in a secure and weather resistant manner.

The introduction of twenty and forty foot containers saw an end to the Army’s need for the cargo van versions, though the vans continued to serve as mobile workshops or offices. In the 1950s,, 60s and 70s, it was not uncommon for Army units to use the semitrailer vans for a specific purpose and paint the vehicle to reflect that job.

This trailer was used by the 37th Transportation Group as a recruitment and reenlistment vehicle. This semitrailer, along with an International 2000D Fleetstar tractor, would travel from post to post around West Germany. The trailer and tractor that pulled it were painted to stand out, highlighting their WW II line haul ancestors, the Red Ball express.