The Desert Shield/Desert Storm exhibit at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum.

Desert Shield/Storm/Farewell

View the imagination of U.S. Soldiers when creating a home away from home, as they participated in a massive logistical mission that led to an American victory.

The end of the Cold War would coincide with the return of the Transportation Corps to a new environment, the desert. In August 1990, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. With unclear intentions towards, Saudi Arabia, an international coalition began a massive military deployment called Desert Shield, eventually building up to 640,000 military personnel and millions of tons of equipment. The Transportation Corps swung into overdrive.

On 17 January 1991, Desert Storm began with a five week long aerial and naval bombardment and culminated in a 100-hour ground campaign resulting in the liberation of Kuwait. The redeployment of U.S. Forces would be named Operation Desert Farewell, with the Transportation Corps working to return the remaining forces back to Europe or the United States. The Transportation Corps had served unheralded in Middle East during World War II, but all acknowledge that Transporter were the strategic lynchpin for this operation.