Vietnam gallery display at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum.

Vietnam War (1962 - 1973)

The war in Vietnam would see the Transportation Corps again expanding its efforts in the Pacific. Be it the strategic movement of the Army to theater or the tactical protection of logistics convoys in country, the Transportation Corps again delivered the Army to the fight. The Corps adapted to its role in the use and sustainment of rotary wing aviation, fielding new aircraft, while the Aviation maintainers adopted the motto of “Find ‘em, Fix ‘em and Fly ‘em” in keeping the aircraft in the fight. Soldier innovation led to the up-armored gun truck, a wide variety of R&R wear and even Soldier art on the latest iteration of the jeep. Army watercraft literally got into the fight, with the Patrol Boat River serving a role similar to gun trucks on the waterways of Vietnam. Additional experiments melded the modes with Aviation Maintenance going afloat on Army's first floating helicopter maintenance facility aboard the USNS Corpus Christi Bay.