Image of the First Mortor Transport Convoy after WWI

Inter-War Years (1919-1940)

Following the armistice, the new Army Transportation Corps worked to return the Army Expeditionary Force to the United States. It also used some of its newest Soldier to continue testing the technology and tactics the Army had developed for World War I. The Army continued to experiment with lighter-than-air blimps, establishing a Balloon School at Ft Eustis, VA. The Transportation Crops would continue experiments that would have a huge impact of the entire Unites States was the trans-continental motor convoy of 1919. The progress following the war was short lived, as transportation would once again revert to Quartermaster Corps control during the 1920 reorganization of the Army until it would be reborn in 1942. Combined with the impact of the Depression on military training and technological development, meant that the role of Transportation Service would revert to support the small garrisons overseas and within the U.S. with increasing aging equipment.