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Transportation Leadership


The U.S. Army Transportation School trains, educates, and develops Transportation professionals for the total force; and drives change through DOTMLPF-P solutions to sustain large scale combat operations in a multi-domain operations environment.


Transportation professionals and solutions enable the Army to deploy, fight and win, anytime and anywhere. Mobility equals lethality and survivability!

U.S. Army Transportation Corps 2023 Hooah video

Army watercraft officials seek maritime industry insight at WorkBoat Show

By Benjamin Hayden, WorkBoat

December 4, 2023

In its strategic efforts to modernize its watercraft fleet, the Army is turning to the maritime industry for support amid increased demand in the Indo-Pacific region. Over the next five years, Army Watercraft Systems (AWS) aims to launch projects ranging from sub-system upgrades in communications and navigation suites to the development of new vessels.

During a panel at the International WorkBoat Show (IWBS), titled "U.S. Army Watercraft Fleet Modernization," Nate Leightner, project officer at AWS, emphasized the importance of industry collaboration. "We've got opportunities. We've got challenges. We're looking to get industry input and partner," he said. ““We're here to talk a little bit about what we're working on. And what we're seeing coming at us and ask for some input, identify some opportunities where industry can get involved. If we can enhance collaboration, we're absolutely moving towards success, in our opinion.”

An Army maneuver support vessel. Photo: Rae Higgins, U.S. Army Program Executive Office Combat Support & Combat Service Support

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