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Maritime Qualifications Division (MQD)

Responsible for worldwide management and oversight of the US Army Maritime Licensing Program, Career Sea Pay Program, and the Vessel Naming Program for the Transportation Corps.

US Army Maritime Licensing Program

The Maritime Qualification Division qualifies Soldiers in MOS 88L (Watercraft Operator), 88K (Watercraft Engineer) and Warrant Officers in MOS 880A (Marine Deck Officer) and 881A (Marine Engineer Officer) to operate and maintain Army watercraft.

Career Sea Pay Program

Army Sea Pay is governed by AR 600-88, Sea Duty, and describes entitlements, restrictions, administration and maintenance of records for Army career sea pay for Soldiers. Army Human Resources Command’s Special Pays Branch is responsible for overall sea pay program management. The Maritime Qualifications Division is the sole depository for collecting and tracking Army mariner’s sea time and maintaining sea service records for life. Maritime Qualifications Division is responsible for providing updates to the policy, procedures, and responsibilities for special pay and sea service credit for sea duty within the Army.

Vessel Naming Program

The Chief of Transportation serves as the approving authority for naming Army vessels in accordance with AR 1-33, The Army Memorial Program. The Maritime Qualifications Division, in accordance with AR 56-9, Army Intratheater Watercraft Systems, convenes vessel-naming boards, maintains the list of all approved names, and maintains all appropriate records pertaining to the vessel names. There are currently 37 named Army vessels in active service.

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