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881A Marine Engineering Officer

Warrant Officer Development

880A Marine Deck Officer

881A Marine Engineering Officer

882A Transportation Mobility Warrant Officer

Transportation Warrant Officers 881s Career Locations KSB

881A – Marine Engineering Officer

Transportation Corps Warrant Officers operating as Marine Engineering Officers are responsible for the efficient and economical operation of the engine room machinery, auxiliary machinery, and specific deck equipment aboard Army Watercraft System (AWS) vessels. 881As supervise and perform the installation and repair of marine power plants, propulsion systems, heating and ventilation systems, and other mechanical plumbing and electrical equipment aboard AWS vessels and Army maritime facilities. Marine Engineering Officers inspect ships and machinery to determine compliance with maintenance standards and/or to determine extent and nature of repairs required. 881As implement the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) as it applies to Marine material and manages onboard vessels repair parts supply. Transportation Corps Marine Engineering Warrant Officers are a vital asset to keeping the Army’s Watercraft Systems ready for contingencies around the world.

Where Can 881As Go?


Alabama (Active Duty Units)

  • Ft. Novosel
  • US Warrant Officer Career College

Alabama (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 403rd TC Det
  • 145th TC Det

California (Active Duty Units)

  • Bell Armed Forces Reserve Center
  • Full Time Support

California (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 79th CS CMD RSC AR Element (880A)
  • 311th HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary) (880A)
  • 380th TC DET (Theater Operations Elmement)
  • 201st TC DET Harbor Master OP

Florida (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 143rd HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary)
  • 387th TC DET Theater Open Elmement (881A)

Hawaii (Active Duty Units)

  • Bishop Point
  • 163rd Transportation Company
  • 168th Transportation Company
  • 411th Transportation Company
  • 545th Transportation Company
  • 605th Transportation Company
  • Fort Shafter
  • US Army Pacific HHBN
  • 8th Sustainment HHC & STB
  • USAR Full Time Support
  • Kwajalein
  • US Army Garrison

Hawaii (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 29th TC DET Harbormaster

Illinois (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

Illinois (Active Duty Units)

  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 371st TC DET Theater Open Elmement

Indiana (Reserve Units) 880A

  • 310th HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary)

Iowa (Reserve Units) 880A

  • 103rd HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary)

Kansas (Reserve Units) 880A

  • 451st CS Command (Expenditionary)

Kentucky (Active Duty Units)

  • Fort Knox
  • 1st Sustainment HQ & STB
  • Human Resoources Command

Louisiana (Reserve Units) 880A


Michigan (Active Duty Units)

  • Detriot Arsenal
  • USA Tank automotive & Armanments Command
  • PEO CS&CSS Program Executive Office Combat Support and Combat Service Support

North Carolina (Active Duty Units)

  • Fort Liberty
  • 3rd Sustainment HHC
  • US Army Forces Command
  • US Army Reserve Command

Pennsylvania (Reserve Units) 880A

  • 316th HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary)

South Carolina (Active Duty Units)

  • Shaw AFB
  • US Army Centeral Command

Texas (Active Duty Units)

  • Fort Cavazos
  • 13th Sustainment HHC
  • Fort Sam Houston

Texas (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 4th HHC Sustainment Command (Expenditionary) 880A
  • 651st TC DET Harbormasters

Virginia (Active Duty Units)

  • HQDA Pentagon
  • US Army Office of Transportation
  • Joint Base Langley-Eustis
  • 1097th Transportation Det.
  • 1098th Transportation Company
  • 1099th Transportation Det.
  • 329th Transportation Company
  • 331st Transportation Company
  • 335th Transportation Det.
  • 393rd Transportation Company
  • 489th Transportation Det.
  • 492nd Transportation Company
  • 504th Transportation Company
  • 97th Transportation Company
  • 7th Transportation Bde. HHC
  • TRADOC Transformation
  • US Army Transportation School
  • Fort Gregg-Adams
  • US Army Transportation School
  • Sustainment FFC CDID

Virginia (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 338th TC DET Habormaster
  • 3rd TC BDE (Expeditionary)

Washington (Active Duty Units)

  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • 593rd Sustainment HHC

Washington (Reserve Units) 880A / 881A

  • 364th HHC Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
  • 653rd TC DET Habormaster Operations (881A)

Japan (Active Duty Units)

  • North Dock>
  • 5th Transportation Company
  • CWC Landing Craft
  • Yokohma
  • Army Sustainment Command

Germany (Active Duty Units)

  • Kaiserslautern
  • 21st Theater Sustainment Command
  • Panzer Kaserne
  • 267th Transportation Company
  • 21st Sustainment HQ & STB
  • Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • OCONUS Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT)
  • Ash Shuay (Kawait)
  • Amry Sustainment Command

Italy (Active Duty Units)

  • Vincenza
  • U.S. Southern European Task Force, Africa
  • Camp Ederle
  • Intel & Sustainment

Korea (Active Duty Units)

  • Camp Henry
  • 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command
  • Camp Humphrey
  • 8th Army HHBN

Central America (Active Duty Units)

  • Guatemala
  • Guatemala Sec Asst
  • Hondouras
  • Hondouras Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT)
Italy Germany Japan Korea Central America

881A Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors

Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer One rank


  • Understanding of propulsion, power generation and distribution, and mechanical systems. Understanding of maintenance plans.


  • Operate and maintain complex machinery and systems.


  • Detail Focused
  • Hard Working
  • Innovative


  • Problem Solver
  • Logical / Analytical
  • Mechanically Adept

Chief Warrant Officer Two

Chief Warrant Officer Two rank


  • Advanced understanding of propulsion, power generation and distribution, and mechanical systems. Detailed understanding of maintenance plans.


  • Leads teams of operators/maintainers in the safe operation, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of complex machinery and systems.


  • Problem Solving
  • Dynamic
  • Stress Tolerant


  • Communicator
  • Problem Solver
  • Process Disciplined

Chief Warrant Officer Three

Chief Warrant Officer Two rank


  • Detailed knowledge of propulsion, power generation and distribution, and mechanical systems. Analyzes and plans maintenance and repair of systems.


  • Manages operations and maintenance of vessel engineering spaces or the maintenance plans for a fleet of vessels.


  • Visionary
  • Perceptive
  • Confident


  • Logical / Analytical
  • Detail Focused
  • Process Disciplined

Chief Warrant Officer Four

Chief Warrant Officer Two rank


  • Mastery level knowledge of maritime operations, navigation, deployment and distribution operations. Principle advisor to ASCC’s.


  • Command Army Watercraft Detachments. Analyze Operation Plans and provide technical guidance on effective employment of Army Watercraft.


  • Committed
  • Inspiring
  • Proactive


  • Communicator
  • Logical / Analytical
  • Spatially Intelligent

Chief Warrant Officer Five

Chief Warrant Officer Two rank


  • Expert in maritime domain and operations, deployment and distribution operations. Understands DA Level Army Watercraft program planning, budgeting and execution. Expert in the entire Transportation enterprise.


  • Branch technical expert. Capable of leading major TC Branch initiatives. Army and Joint level senior advisor


  • Calm
  • Diplomatic
  • Charismatic


  • Inspirational Leader
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Interpersonal