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Transportation Officer Broadening Opportunities


Broadening Opportunities

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Master of Supply Chain Management at Virginia Commonwealth University

Information about the VCU Opportunities.

Training with Industries (TWI)

The Transportation Corps' objective in sponsoring TWI is to expose Soldiers to civilian corporate structure, technology, and methodology in business, strategy, policy, and management in the areas of rail, air, marine shipping, trucking and freight management, package delivery and distribution, and government contracting. Knowledge and skills learned during a TWI tour will be applied throughout the Soldiers’ career to contribute to the development of transportation systems, structure, procedures, and doctrine.

Each year, the Transportation Corps sends one Officer to a premier civilian logistics agency to receive cutting edge knowledge and skills.

Army Capt. Rafael Vega (right), operations officer, and Army Staff Sgt. Angela Engle (center), CBRN noncommissioned officer, discuss training updates displayed on Engle’s computer screen while participating in a staff exercise during annual training at Camp Blanding, Florida, on June 12, 2023. Engle and Vega are assigned to the 254th Transportation Battalion, a Florida Army National Guard unit headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. (U.S. Army Guard photo by Sgt 1st Class Shane Klestinski)

90A88: UPS

  • Must be on active duty and serving in a Regular Army (RA) or Voluntary Indefinite Status.
  • Must express specific interest in the TWI Program by submitting a formal application
  • Must agree in writing to fulfill the service obligation incurred by acceptance of training.
  • Must have a military performance record that demonstrates potential for a highly successful career.
  • Must be branch qualified at company grade level.
  • Officers may apply at any time using DA Form 1618-R (Application for Detail as a Student at a Civilian Educational Institution or at Training With Industry).
  • The applicant must send the form (in duplicate) through their battalion commander to the Human Resources Command (HRC) Transportation Corps Assignment Officer. The chain of command should endorse the application, which should include a statement from the commander concerning the applicant's abilities, attitude, initiative, and aptitude towards working in the industry desired.
  • Meet or exceed established training objectives.
  • Meet all required actions by suspense dates.
  • Submit required reports.
  • Establish or maintain an on-site continuity book as outlined.
  • Write at least one article for the Transportation Corps’ The Spearhead Magazine.

Application Procedures

Packets will be sent to the Office of the Chief of Transportation:

Packets will include the following:

  • Soldier Records Brief
  • Last five OERs (must be KD complete)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • TWI Memorandum of Understanding

Additional Opportunities

Training with Industry

Industry Partner TWI Location Proponent
Deloitte Roslyn, VA LG, 90A
FedEx Memphis, TN LG, 90A
Crowley Maritime Anchorage, AK QM, 90A92
UPS Atlanta, GA TC, 90A88

  • TWI Opportunities are published via MILPER message by the managing Proponent Office (LG publishes in March with a June suspense)
  • Utilization tours can vary; TWI Soldier must be slotted in an AERS billet that is coded 97 on the TDA/MTOE to fulfill obligation.
  • All five LG slots are open to all 90As, regardless of basic branch; Proponents can have a preference for the slot, but ultimately, they are open to all 90A.

Industry Based Broadening — Institute for Defense and Business (IDB)

Purpose:The focus of the IB2 seminar is Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) specifically the use of ERPs as a decision-making tool to improve readiness, lethality, and reduce costs for the Army.

Concept: Strategic seminar for officers, warrant officers, senior NCOs, and DA Civilians hosted by the Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • 3-week seminar-style instruction
  • Seminar funding provided by CASCOM
  • Benchmark with Cisco, FedEx, GE-Aviation, Caterpillar, etc.
Foundation Benchmark Output
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Business/ERP Integration, Intelligence, & Analytics Industry Benchmarking Practical Application Exercises
Industry/Academic Research Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Final Project Development
Problem Statement Analysis, Development, & Refinement Industry/Academic Research Project Presentation