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88H Cargo Specialist








About 88H

The U.S. Army Transportation Corps' 88H Cargo Specialist are disciplined, technical experts that transship cargo between all modes of transportation and execute port operations upload/download, staging, and marshalling tasks to support the Army’s global operations. 88H Cargo Specialists are the Army's experts for everything the Army moves by land, sea, or air. 88H Cargo Specialists are trained in:

88H Cargo Specialists are trained in:

  • Cargo Documentation
  • Securing of Cargo
  • Manual and Automatic Cargo Handling Procedures
  • Equipment training on Kalmar RT240 Rough Terrain Cargo Handler (RTCH), the All-Terrain Lifter Army System (ATLAS 10K), the 40-ton Mobile Crane, and the ship/shore mounted Hagglund Crane.

Deployed Soldiers loading a trailer using a RTCH

88H Cargo Specialist

Soldiers help guide a M1000 trailer onto a rail car

88H Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) (Sergeant – Sergeant First Class)

Soldier moving cargo.

At the NCO level, 88H Cargo Specialists are proficient in all methods of cargo handling and storage procedures (manual or mechanical). They demonstrate a high degree of technical and tactical proficiency and competent performance of leadership functions in order to effectively train junior enlisted Soldiers. The Cargo Specialist NCO maintains accountability of Soldiers and teaches them to properly maintain their equipment to increase mission and training effectiveness.

88H NCO Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors

88H KSB Storyboard

SGT E-5 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard SSG E-6 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard SFC E-7 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard

88H Enlisted Career Paths

As an 88H Cargo Specialist, opportunities are available to secure civilian credentials which can be applied towards points for promotion within the Army as well as expand opportunities for application outside the Army.