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88L Watercraft Engineers








About 88L

The U.S. Army Transportation Corps' 88L Watercraft Engineers are disciplined, technical experts that provide the Army with maritime field and sustainment level maintenance capabilities. They service Army watercraft, amphibious and auxiliary equipment on marine vessels. 88L Watercraft Engineers perform daily systems checks, repair and maintain gasoline and diesel engines, troubleshoot and repair watercraft propulsion machinery, and repair and service lift machinery and engine-related electrical systems.

88L Watercraft Engineers are trained in:

  • Basic shipboard electronics
  • Hydraulics Systems
  • Maintenance Shop practices
  • Engine Operation and Maintenance
  • Maritime Operations
  • Maintenance of steering systems
  • Inspection and maintenance of propellers
  • Shipboard firefighting and other emergency procedures

Soldier performing daily systems check

88L Watercraft Engineers

Soldier doing inspection of the engine room

88L Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) (Sergeant – Sergeant First Class)

88L Watercraft Engineers working on their vessels.

At the NCO level, 88L Watercraft Engineers prepare marine vessel equipment for operation, operate and troubleshoot vessel engines, perform maintenance on engine components and vessel systems, manage engine room records, and compute fuel requirements and usage. They are the primary trainer of Soldiers and coach, counsel, and care for subordinates.

88L NCO Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors

88L KSB Storyboard

SGT E-5 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard SSG E-6 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard SFC E-7 Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors Storyboard

88L Enlisted Career Paths

As an 88L Watercraft Engineer, opportunities are available to secure civilian credentials which can be applied towards points for promotion within the Army as well as expand opportunities for application outside the Army.