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Rail Operations (Cargo Handling Division)

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Rail Operations (Cargo Handling Division)

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88U Railway Specialist Railway Ops Crewmember Civilian Engineer / Conductor Certification Engineer / Conductor Recertification

About Rail Operations (Cargo Handling Division)

The U.S. Army Transportation School's Cargo Handling Division also oversees training and instruction related to Army Rail Operations. Army Rail Operations courses execute training of the Railway Specialist (88U) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) along with Locomotive Engineer/Conductor Certification and Re-certification programs and the Railway Operations Crewmember Civilian course. These courses cover the three major areas of rail operations: Railway Equipment Repairer, Railway Section Repairer, and Railway Operations Crewmember. The Cargo Handling Division's Army Rail Operations section executes the Department of Defense (DOD) Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers for the Army, Department of the Army (DA) Civilians, and contractors who have a rail operating mission in support of the military.

88U Railway Specialist

US Army Train.

As a Railway Operations Crewmember, you'll supervise and operate the Army’s sophisticated diesel-electric locomotives that move vital supplies and equipment. You’ll train to perform car coupling and uncoupling operations, to send and receive signals, execute orders from signal towers, switches, and other personnel, and to assure the  safe hauling of cargo.

Railway Operations Crewmember Civilian

US Army civilian train cargo handlers.

Course includes Air Brake and Train Handling Rules and Safety Rules for locomotives and rail cars, movement of equipment, and safety within the general area and during use of equipment. Technical skills  include operation of engine controls; observing, interpreting, and executing instructions received from signal towers, switches, other trains, and train crewmembers; signaling with fuses, torpedoes, hand flags, lamps, and engine whistles; performing car coupling and uncoupling operations; inspecting rail cars at stops.

Locomotive Engineer / Conductor Certification

US Army Transportation Soldiers cargo handlers.

This course includes instruction in certification requirements; safety; rail operating rules and federal regulations; and air brake and train handling rules

Locomotive Engineer / Conductor Recertification

US Army Transportation Soldiers cargo handlers.

This course includes instruction in recertification requirements concentrating on changes in the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)  and Department of Transportation (DOT) standards of operating procedures since the initial training. Training areas includes safety; rail operating rules and federal regulations; train handling procedures; and air brake and train handling rules.